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Rose Jolis

I may look like a city girl, but my heart and my career have been on the seas for more than 25 years. Hostess to housekeeping, bosun to bartender — I’ve done it all, or damn well close to it, all around the world. I know the highs and lows that come with life working on a yacht, and know how important it is to have good mentorship and coaching along the way.

As your coach, I will provide resources and practices to help you to determine what crew positions best suit you, how to make the most of your time on the water and how to transition back to a thriving life on land when you’re ready to move on.

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The super yacht community is a small and tight-knit network so anything you share with me — even the fact that we work together — will be kept in the strictest confidence. Some clients work with me year-round. Others only need coaching at particular stages of their career: first steps, switching crews, increased responsibilities and career advancement and transition ashore. Yachting is demanding work — it is not uncommon to retire before you reach the age of 30. Still, those are very important years in your life, I’ll help you make them profitable, enjoyable and among your most cherished memories.

 I realize that the superyacht community is very small.   Please be confident that your privacy is paramount to me.


The Super Yacht Industry’s Exclusive Personnel Coach

Why do we want to work on a yacht? We set sail for the adventure, the travel, the money and the love of the high seas. No other workplace on Earth can compare to a beautiful yacht. When you have a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds sharing tight quarters and demanding schedules, you’re bound to hit some rough waters.

That’s where I come in.

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Moving Abroad: Relocation Counseling for Expats

Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to move to another country? It can be exciting, delicious, frightening and overwhelming all at once.

Expat spouses, especially women, face many challenges when moving abroad. They quit or pause their careers to follow a partner overseas. They kiss goodbye neighbors, family members and friends and set sail to new places where the faces are friendly but the languages and cultural cues are totally foreign. While it’s exciting to find new people in every port of call, you can quickly lose your sense of home and personal identity.

If you want to become a STAR (spouses traveling and relocating successfully), my proven formula can help you successfully navigate the journey.

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“Through periodic Skype calls, I have been able to improve and realize the inner me.” — John Spengos | Super Yacht Captain

“I feel as though since I have been working with you my relationships have improved more than ever before…” — Stacy Smith | Yacht Chef

“If you are looking to establish a fresh footprint on dry land I can recommend Rose as an insightful Advisor and Coach.” — Gerry Fultz | Purser/Owner’s Representative for Project Global

Read their full testimonials (and others) below:

  • I have known Rosette Jolis for over 25 years as a coworker, industry colleague, and friend.  Recently I have watched her take on a new role moving out of yachting and utilizing her considerable experience and skills to energize and assist others with similar lifestyle transitions.  It can be difficult indeed to look inward and assess ones’ own capabilities, strengths, resources and options, but if you are looking to establish a fresh footprint on dry land I can recommend Rose as an insightful Advisor and Coach.

    Gerry Fultz | Purser/Owner’s Representative Project Global
  • I started coaching because I was looking for direction in my career. What I didn’t expect was that it is about so much more. Exploring career paths was just one part of the process, understanding who I am and what I wanted out of life was the bigger picture. Rose’s ability to offer unbiased support and guidance through this process allowed me to completely be myself and because of that I was able to explore my feelings and how to deal with them in a constructive way. She provided the tools and encouragement necessary to first recognize a need for change and then to follow through and actually start making the changes. I continue to use the exercises she taught me and am forever grateful for all the work we did together.

    Krista Glauner | 2nd Stewardess
  • In 2010, my husband passed away. My future had always been based on what he and I would do together. All of a sudden, I am on my own, feeling lost, nearing retirement, and uncertain of what I wanted to do with my future. I had lost my adventure buddy. I felt lonely, unsure, and unhappy with myself. Working with Rose, her guidance allowed me to become comfortable with the person I am. I have so much more confidence and I am now looking forward to retiring. I still am not sure exactly how my future will turn out, but I know I will like who I have become and will have the confidence to try whatever I decide I want to do. Without Rose’s guidance, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

    Harriet Leonard | Boeing
  • Having worked on Yachts for 11 years the transition onto land was a nice but incredibly scary thought. I had thought about leaving on several occasions, but the thought of cutting the cord to the great income, lifestyle, friends and travel always outweighed any land based idea’s. Rose helped guide me back into my new life, with her enthusiasms, experience, encouragement, kindness and honesty. I feel I have gained the knowledge, confidence and motivation to be a success in whatever I do with my life. Being able to recognize this and move forward with clarity has been wonderful. Coaching with Rose has definitely opened a whole new way of thinking for me which I use daily in all aspects of my life.

    Karen O'Hara | Chief Stewardess-Kismet
  • I worked with Rose for 5 months. Working with a coach is a process. At times I felt as if I was going nowhere. Then the aha moment came and made it all worth while. While working on one transition, other changes occurred. Friends noticed and commented on the positive changes. I probably frustrated Rose at times, going out on tangents, changing my focus and time lines. She was able to keep me on track and headed in a direction, to see things as they really were, to point out what I already knew but was not being aware of or acting upon appropriately. I would recommend Rose for anyone who wants to make a change, make a decision, to expand their horizons or to get out of their comfort zone. Change may not be easy, but it is worth the journey.

    Joan Elly | 2nd Mate
  • I have known Rose Jolis for over 10 years, and am impressed with the services she offers. Using Rose has not only been a sounding board, but provided me with guidance on how to improve my personal skills that are so crucial to running a larger crewed Yacht. Through periodic, but regularly scheduled Skype calls, I have been able to improve and realize the inner me. This is critical to changing ones ways, and I look forward to continuing my learning experience with Rose over the coming years. It is great to have a tool like this in our small, but high profile, industry. Keep up the good work Rose!

    John Spengos | Super Yacht Captain