John Fury thinks Tyson Fury showed a physical decline against Francis Ngannou

The Fury elder didn't pull any punches when making his critique of Tyson Fury's game plan against Ngannou

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We all saw how Francis Ngannou really made Tyson Fury struggle when they fought, many even think he is the one who won the fight back in Riyadh. But we still hadn't heard anything from John Fury and how he thinks his son Tyson tackled this fight. In a recent interview with Mail Sport, the Fury elder wanted to remind his son of everything he saw wrong with his game plan. Amongst the many aspects he considers could've been better, Tyson's physical conditioning didn't convince John that was optimal. Tyson Fury's father believes his son should've moved better inside the ring, with better boxing skills on display that he never used during the fight.

John Fury challenges Mike Tyson to a fight if his son loses the fight

John Fury bashes his own son after the Ngannou fight

During an extended interview with Mail Sports, here's what John Fury said when asked what was wring about his son's preparation: "There was a lot wrong with it. His physical condition could have been a lot better. The game plan - there wasn't one. At the end of the day, he does his thing again. But it could have been a lot better. or my money, he hadn't trained the way he should have done for that fight and I don't mean physically, I mean a game plan. His game plan should have been box and move be clever, be witty, outsmart him, but what happened? He tried to break a ten tonne bulldozer with a toffee hammer."

He continued: Tyson, he looked fat thin to me. His condition, his body didn't look right from the off. He was somewhere else, Tyson. I don't know whether he couldn't get up for the fight. That wasn't Tyson in there. He still does enough to win. He won the fight no matter what people think, but he made it difficult for himself with that game plan. It was f***ing stupid basically. You don't meet an express train head on, do you? On the ability Tyson's got, he should have trained for the back foot, slipping and sliding, the same style for when he fought Wladimir Klitschko. Then he would have made Ngannou look silly and he would have run out of ideas."

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