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Raheem Mostert slams MetLife Stadium turf after teammate tears Achilles: "It has to change"

The New York Jets and Giants stadium's playing surface claimed another victim on Friday.

Raheem Mostert believes Jaelan Phillips' injury could have been...
Raheem Mostert believes Jaelan Phillips' injury could have been avoided.Twitter

The Miami Dolphins dismantled the New York Jets in their own stomping grounds on Friday, winning 34-13 on the back of an incredible defensive effort against new starting quarterback Tim Boyle.

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa didn't have his best game, but running back Raheem Mostert carried the load with 94 yards on 20 carries and two touchdowns. Despite the win to bring them to 8-3, the Dolphins leave with a bittersweet taste in their mouths. Second-year pass-rusher Jaelan Phillips suffered an Achilles injury that looks very likely to be a rupture.

Raheem Mostert calls out MetLife Stadium turf

In the postgame press conference, Mostert took the opportunity to voice his frustration about the MetLife Stadium turf and call for changes to be made to the field.

Miami Dolphins' Raheem Mostert calls for change: MetLife Stadium turf poses risk to playersRoberto Ortega

Mostert mentioned Aaron Rodgers' torn Achilles, which happened on the same field in Week 1. There have been several season-ending injuries that have occurred on the stadium's turf, yet nothing has been done to prevent further injuries.

In 2022, the NFL Players Association launched an initiative to spread awareness about the dangers of playing on turf fields over natural grass fields, dubbed "#SaferFields". The league didn't care much for it and owners such as Jerry Jones quickly fought back against the notion that turf fields cause more injuries.

You would think a massive injury to one of the league's top faces like Rodgers would be the final straw before real change is made. Given how high-ranking NFL officials have talked about the topic in the past, it would be wise to not expect anything to change anytime soon.

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