Olivia Dunne draws inspiration from Kim Kardashian for latest viral TikTok video: "Welcome to my crib"

If MTV Cribs was still around, they'd definitely have Livvy on the show

Olivia Dunne recreates classic Kim Kardashian video on TikTokParker Johnson

One of the reasons behind Olivia Dunne's social media fame is her knack for making creative and engaging content, and this was no different.

The NIL queen gave a nod to Kim Kardashian in her latest viral TikTok, giving a sweeping tour of the LSU gymnastics facility, MTV Cribs style, while lip-syncing the audio of Kardashian's classic 2007 appearance on the show.

Olivia Dunne tells TikTok "welcome to my crib"

Several lines from Kardashian's episode of Cribs, a show where notable celebrities, artists and athletes would show off their lavish homes, still live on in the hearts of fans 16 years later, and Dunne made sure to pay homage.

"I'm a baker, so as you can see, some of the cookies that we baked are over here!" Kim said on the show, pointing out some cookies that clearly were not homemade. Dunne played into the joke, showing off a pre-packaged Oreo in her version.

As Livvy made her way through the LSU locker room in her tight navy blue leggings and matching top, she pretended her locker was a refrigerator, delivering Kim K's line to perfection: "No, I did not redo this just for you guys! This is just how it is at all times."

Kim Kardashian's influence lives on in the next generation

It's fitting that Dunne played the role of Kardashian so well in the video. Despite growing up in different eras, they have embraced social media in similar ways that led to establishing themselves as powerful entertainment brands.

While the 43-year-old Kardashian is far ahead of the LSU gymnast in Instagram followers, the younger Dunne has the attention of her own generation online. Her 7.8 million TikTok followers barely trail Kim's 8.9 million, but Livvy has racked up over 400 million likes on the platform, compared to just 59 million for Kim K.

Ironically, the gap in engagement is due to videos like this one, with Dunne finding creative ways to engage her audience while showcasing her life as a student-athlete. The fact that she used a Kardashian clip that aired when she was 5 years old just shows that both of these women have always been ahead of the curve.

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