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Cowboys viral Thanksgiving celebration: Prescott and co destroy Turkey mid-game vs Commanders

The Cowboys celebrated the Thanksgiving in style

Cowboys viral Thanksgiving celebration: Prescott and co destroy Turkey mid-game vs Commanders

Dak Prescott rounded off a spectacular night for the Cowboys with four touchdown passes against the Washington Commanders on Thursday. The Dallas team inflicted a heavy defeat on the Commanders, walking away with the 45-10 win.

Dak Prescott viral Thanksgiving celebration: Eats a turkey leg after Cowboys score touchdown

There was a festive atmosphere during the game not just thanks to the home side's impressive display, but of course also because of the Thanksgiving celebrations.

The Cowboys went above and beyond in their celebrations for the special day. In a viral video that has surfaced on X (formerly Twitter), a fan managed to capture the moment the players jumped into a giant red kettle and pulled out enormous Turkey legs from the stands.

What's more at that point, the game hadn't even finished. The Cowboys had just scored a touchdown and to celebrate, leapt into the red kettle which contained enormous slabs of meat, before removing their helmets and taking a few bites. The thousands of people inside erupted at the surreal scene.

"It was a two or three-day long process...I talked to Coach before the game and he was talking to Jerry, and of course Jerry was into it. At that point, the direction was to make sure we were up, and the game was in hand," revealed quarterback Prescott in an interview after the game.

Once the match officially came to an end, the players broke out the turkey for the second time and were able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal. What a way to celebrate the occasion!

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