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Tyreek Hill says gifting football to new wife Keeta Vaccaro is "all part of the script"

The Dolphins star wide receiver stole hearts with his most romantic celebration yet after Miami's Black Friday victory against the Jets.

The moment Tyreek Hill found his wife, Keeta Vaccaro, at MetLife...
The moment Tyreek Hill found his wife, Keeta Vaccaro, at MetLife Stadium and tossed her his touchdown ball.Amazon

Tyreek Hill stole hearts in the NFL's first ever Black Friday game with a heartwarming gesture dedicated to his new wife Keeta Vaccaro. The Dolphins receiver caught a short pass from his QB Tua Tagovailoa in the second quarter to give the Dolphins a 10-0 lead. Known for his outlandish celebrations, this time Hill went the romantic route, finding Vaccaro in the stands to blow her a kiss a toss her the ball.

Tyreek Hill ends the debate: did his wife spill the nachos?Parker Johnson

The newlywed wife caught the ball and proceeded to return the kiss. The moment, captured by the live Amazon broadcast, was the first big public sighting of the couple since they wed two weeks ago in a ceremony in Travis County, Texas.

Tyreek Hill spoke about tossing his wife the football

After the game, former QB and Amazon broadcaster Ryan Fitzpatrick asked Hill how we was able to execute the romantic celebration so flawlessly. To which the Dolphins receiver replied in a humorous manner: "It's all part of the script!"

Elaborating further, Tyreek Hill did say he requested the coaching staff and Tua draw up a play to make it possible. Especially in the second quarter, as he knew his wife would be near the end zone on that side of the field.

Asked if the two were planning a honeymoon, Tyreek Hill said that "every day is a honeymoon" with them. Prompting 'awws' from the broadcasters. Prodded further, however, the speedy receiver said the couple plan to backpack through the Netherlands and other countries in Europe when the time is right.

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